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Corporate culture is the “spiritual food” of the employees, the “gong and drum” to enhance the confidence of the employees and also the “lighthouse torch” for the Company to move ahead. Giving full play to the “adhesive, catalyst and lubricant” role of the corporate culture can activate the “spring breeze” of culture development and even melt the “solid ice” of corporate development.

The corporate culture of “good faith, human orientation and harmony” has been formed through years of development. However, the corporate culture needs to be enriched and improved in the new stage of development.

To make sure the corporate culture can guide the corporate reform and development, the Company inherits the above corporate culture and refines the original management idea and way to success, which is expected to be a new start for the employees to understand the corporate culture and benefit the employees through their own summary and perception. Meanwhile, it is expected to unite the thoughts, enhance the cohesion and promote corporate management to make contributions to realizing the Company’s ambitious goal.



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