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  • locker

    Zhenhai Group was founded in 2006 with a total fixed assets of 560 million yuan. The main production bases are located in Luoyang, Haian, Kunming and other places, with an annual sales of more than 230 million yuan. It is a steel company integrating R&D, production, processing, sales and supporting. Office furniture group, including China-Europe Zhenhai Science and Technology Innovation Park, Luoyang Zhenhai Furniture Co., Ltd., Luoyang Hand in Hand Furniture Co., Ltd., New Yishun (Henan) Office Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhenhai Furniture Co., Ltd., Kunming Zhenhai Furniture Co., Ltd. Company, Zhenhai Industrial (Haian) Co., Ltd., Luoyang Yishuntang Health Management Co., Ltd., Zhenhai Group (Beijing) Cultural Space, etc.

  • Wardrobe

    The group is mainly an intelligent steel office furniture enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and processing, and sales. , filing cabinets, electric compact racks, electronic security cabinets, electronic storage cabinets, supermarket storage cabinets, steel filing cabinets, explosion-proof cabinets, smart bookshelves, smart storage cabinets, smart express cabinets, mobile 5G chassis cabinets, various activities cabinets, etc.

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  • What is the reason why the supermarket lockers cannot issue tickets?

    The supermarket lockers used in various places have brought great convenience to our travel and shopping. As a new type of electronic storage product, supermarket storage cabinets are constantly innovating and producing. So what should I do when it cannot be opened or the item is lost?

  • What misunderstandings need to pay attention to when choosing a file cabinet

    File cabinets quickly occupy most of the market with cost-effectiveness and availability, and many office companies basically use steel file cabinets. Therefore, manufacturers also want to do their best to gain a share in this good environment, and at the same time give consumers more choices. They can choose the steel filing cabinet that suits them according to the method of shopping around, but here This advantage may be full of pitfalls. If you don't mind, you may fall into the misunderstanding. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about five misunderstandings that are easy to fall into when choosing a steel filing cabinet.



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