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    The group is mainly an intelligent steel office furniture enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and processing, and sales. , filing cabinets, electric compact racks, electronic security cabinets, electronic storage cabinets, supermarket storage cabinets, steel filing cabinets, explosion-proof cabinets, smart bookshelves, smart storage cabinets, smart express cabinets, mobile 5G chassis cabinets, various activities cabinets, etc.

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    Zhenhai Group was founded in 2006 with a total fixed assets of 560 million yuan. The main production bases are located in Luoyang, Haian, Kunming and other places, with an annual sales of more than 230 million yuan. It is a steel company integrating R&D, production, processing, sales and supporting. Office furniture group, including China-Europe Zhenhai Science and Technology Innovation Park, Luoyang Zhenhai Furniture Co., Ltd., Luoyang Hand in Hand Furniture Co., Ltd., New Yishun (Henan) Office Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhenhai Furniture Co., Ltd., Kunming Zhenhai Furniture Co., Ltd. Company, Zhenhai Industrial (Haian) Co., Ltd., Luoyang Yishuntang Health Management Co., Ltd., Zhenhai Group (Beijing) Cultural Space, etc.

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  • Warmly welcome the leaders of Sennics Group to visit and guide the work

    On April 9, Ms. Chen Yuanhe, vice president of Sennics Group, and her delegation visited Zhenhai Group Luoyang headquarters to conduct on-the-spot research on the product production site and Sino-European Zhenhai Science and Technology Innovation Park. Mr. Yuan Zhenhai, Chairman of Zhenhai Group, and Mr. Yang Shaojun, Vice President of Technology , Ms. Wu Haiyan, general manager of MSC Base and others warmly received.

  • Archives rack manufacturers teach you how to maintain archives racks?

    The archives rack is currently active in the front line of office furniture. It has become the new favorite of many companies due to the advantages of environmental protection, fashion and convenience. It has attracted much attention in the big family of office furniture. Some people believe that the archives rack has indeed improved. their work efficiency. However, I don't know much about the maintenance method of the file rack, and there will always be some small problems in the process of use. The following archives rack manufacturer--Luoyang Zhenhai Furniture Co., Ltd. will teach you four methods to easily solve the maintenance problem of archive racks.



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